Main objectives of the project

1. Supporting implementation of YCBOHL.

Supporting the implementation of Youth community-based oral health education initiative by largely mobilizing community resources and encouraging community volunteers and providing tools to design and strengthen oral health literacy and oral-hygiene community-based E&T&C programmes.

2. Promoting oral health education.

Providing understanding of oral health education tailored to the local conditions
The target groups in the present project are divided in 6 levels.

6 levels of target groups

  • Level 1: 60 Dental school students.
  • Level 2: 100 schoolchildren organized in groups of age 13 – 15 and 15-18 from Bucharest and 50 youth (13-18 yrs) from disadvantaged groups from Galati. Schools: In Bucharest: School nr. 19 (T. Arghezi), National College “M. Eminescu” and National College ”Gh. Lazar”. In Galati: teenagers from an orphanage.
  • Level 3: Young parents (up to 30 years) and their children
  • Level 4: Dental faculty staff and School teachers.
  • Level 5: Oral health providers, i.e. dentists, dental nurses and dental hygienists.
  • Level 6: Other community organizations such as social, political, media organizations Target groups Level 1 and 2 are the core of the project within Partnership for Youth programme.